Iberoamerican Journal of Corporate Governance

Current Issue

Vol. 9 No. 1 (2022)
Published January 3, 2022

The Iberoamerican Journal of Corporate Governance (IJCG) enables companies to achieve good governance by presenting the latest research (especially emerging countries), laws and guidelines on corporate governance. Editorial cooperation with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland) is arranged through the Department of Management Institute and Editora Alumni in.

Through research articles, conceptual papers, case studies and reports the journal combines the theory and practices of corporate governance from across the world to cater to the interests of practitioners, academics, researchers and policy makers. The journal focuses on bringing out the best in corporate governance practices, strengthen board rooms and increasing effectiveness of corporate boards. Its articles on corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting highlight how and whether interests of all stakeholders including society is being addressed.

The journal covers a wide range of corporate governance issues including

· Board composition and practices,
· Board Diversity
· Board Performance and Evaluation
· Independent directors
· Regulatory requirements
· Internal Control , fraud prevention and risk management
· Whistle blower policies
· Shareholder activism and role of Institutional Investors
· Media’s role in corporate governance,
· SME governance
· Not-for – Profit Governance
· Latin American Governance
· Disclosure and reporting
· Corporate Ethics and Self Governance
· Corporate social responsibility
· Sustainability


Thiago de Luca Ribeiro, Anderson Antônio de Lima
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): Mapping and Clusters Analysis
PDF (Português (Brasil))
Guilherme Paulo Andrade, Júlio César Andrade de Abreu, Ruan Carlos dos Santos, Saleh Fadel Ahmad Khatib
Metagovernance and Democratic Legitimacy: a theoretical essay in light of non-market approaches
Julio Cesar Ferro De Guimarães, Eliana Andréa Severo, Eric Charles Henri Dorion
Product Innovation: Path to Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Use of Environmental, Social and Governance Principles
Cleiton Ricardo Kuronuma, Rodrigo Takashi Okimura, George Andre Willrich Sale
Agency Conflicts Between Controlling and Minority Shareholders in the Distribution of Dividends in Brazilian Companies
Claudia Abe Gargel Luengo, Saulo Fabiano Amâncio Vieira , Augusto Luengo Pereira Nunes , Vera Lucia Tieko Suguihiro
Compliance as an instrument for monitoring and controlling Public Administration
PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alex Eckert, Graciela Bavaresco da Silva, Daiane Dal Bem, Carlos Eduardo Schlindwein
Comparative Between Corporate Governance Practices of Brazil and the United States of America
PDF (Português (Brasil))
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